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Photo by Joshua Woroniecki

Your best friend is going to grad school, and you feel that you should too, but you don’t know what to study. You don’t feel fulfilled in your job, but don’t know where to go next for a change. You’ve considered taking a few years off to stay home with your children, but you’re not sure if this is the right choice. Your boyfriend asked you to move away with him to another country, but you’re not sure if you should uproot yourself from where you’ve grown up…

The need to make important life decisions effectively exposes the need for us to get in touch with our values, because decisions are only truly effective when they are authentically aligned with what we deeply care about. They may be difficult decisions that would require hard work (e.g. building a business), or heartbreak (e.g. …


Iris Cai

Change maker, artist, and positive psychology nerd, I write about innovative and research-backed ways to help people live more fulfilling and balanced lives.

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