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Your best friend is going to grad school, and you feel that you should too, but you don’t know what to study. You don’t feel fulfilled in your job, but don’t know where to go next for a change. You’ve considered taking a few years off to stay home with your children, but you’re not sure if this is the right choice. Your boyfriend asked you to move away with him to another country, but you’re not sure if you should uproot yourself from where you’ve grown up…

The need to make important life decisions effectively exposes the need for us to get in touch with our values, because decisions are only truly effective when they are authentically aligned with what we deeply care about. They may be difficult decisions that would require hard work (e.g. building a business), or heartbreak (e.g. …

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Career reinvention can be hard if you are a curious person with many interests. It can be worse if you have a diverse background and can likely excel in quite a few of the paths that interest you as long as you put in the hard work, deliberate practice and are a good relationship builder. But how do you prioritize your efforts in this journey, especially when you already have a day job that consumes you? …

Mind mapping is an effective way to facilitate ideation, note taking and project planning. It generally starts with a simple idea or topic in the centre and the user would put ideas related, or inspired by the central idea around it, and connect all the ideas with lines. The user would then repeat the process for each idea generated to produce more ideas, just like a tree growing many new branches.

Here is a mind map illustrating various benefits of mind mapping from an article from MindMeister.

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5 Things to Remember When Mind Mapping

  1. Put down only keywords, short phases or images, not sentences! This simplicity allows you to jot down ideas a lot faster and generate more ideas. …

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Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves — their strengths, their values, and how they best perform.

— Managing Oneself (1999) by Peter F. Drucker, American management consultant, educator, author, founder of modern management

In our everyday lives, we have to make lots of big or small decisions that can change the paths of our lives. Why do I not like this job? What industry do I want to move into next? What is my personal brand? How do I choose between two similar job offers? Who do I volunteer for?

What are the common mistakes people make when making those choices? …


Iris Cai

Changemaker, storyteller, & positive psychology nerd, I write about innovative and research-backed ways to help people live more fulfilling and balanced lives.

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